Tuesday, February 5, 2013


after much delay due to ridiculous technical difficulties. we are ready to kick this thing off!  

below you will find links to all the fun goodies and services that are available for bids.
(you can also just scroll down and see them all...whatever makes you happy!)
make sure you take the time to look through them all!  
***please also note whether or not the items can be shipped if you live out of the northern california area.***

never been a part of an online auction before?  here's how it works:

1.  peruse the supermegafantastic items that are up for grabs during the auction (2.6.13 through 2.20.13 at 11:59, pacific central time).  all the links with the goodies are listed below.

2.  find the item(s) on which you would like to bid and LEAVE A COMMENT with your bid, name, and email address.  there will be a minimum starting bid posted on each item.  each new bid much be at least a $1 increment. (shipping is included with most of the starting bids.)

3. if you win, we will send you an email announcing your victory!!!  upon receiving your payment (via check), we'll ship the item to you or send you the redemption information (for services).

VOILA!  its super easy.
and most importantly, every last penny you spend will go directly into our adoption fund to bring solomon home.

BUT HERE'S THE BEST PART!!!  we just received word that we have been approved for a matching grant with LifeSong for Orphans and our church up to $4000!!  so every winning bid will actually be DOUBLED!  example: if you bid on a necklace for $30 and win, you mail a check for $30 to LifeSong with our name (don't worry, we'll spell out all the details for you) and *POW* it instantly becomes $60 towards our final adoption expenses!!  WOW!

***if you are interested in donating towards our matching grant, please do NOT use our online portal at gofundme.com (we've actually shut it down!!).  donations need to be mailed to LifeSong.  we'll post more specific information on that later.***

Links to auction items:

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